My Dewy Bronzed Foundation Tutorial



Hello first day of summer!! I’m excited for today’s post sharing a foundation routine that I have been using lately. It’s more of a dewy, glowing-bronzed-skin look which is suitable for this season. First of all, I’ve been using Jergens Natural Glow tanning lotion  for a couple of months now. I love how it makes my skin look more tan for the summer in a natural looking way. If you haven’t used it, you should try it and let me know how it works out for you. Check out my my Jergens blog post HERE.

Here’s my step-by-step tutorial on how I achieve this dewy, bronzed skin look. This is after I have already applied eye make-up.

before_after_em_smith_summer_dewy_bronzed_natural_makeup_look_tan_skin_foundation_tutorial_8 After having sprayed my skin to freshen up, I used BECCA Cosmetics – Backlight Priming Filter all over my face. Whenever the light bounces off my skin, it gives it a radiant glow. It also has a shimmer to it, but isn’t glittery.

  1. I love to use Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream for this kind of weather. It feels soft and lightweight on my face. Plus, it’s totally natural looking which is the best way to have it for summer. I used my fingers to apply it, focusing on the areas which I outlined on the image above.
  2. I then used liquid concealer Bare Minerals Bareskin Concealer with medium to full coverage. I applied it under only the dark areas under my eyes, bridge of my nose, and a little bit on my upper lip.
  3. Using a powder brush and translucent powder, I tapped it off before applying this product so that I wouldn’t get too much on my skin. Doing this helps to avoid cakiness. I only focused on putting this powder under my eyes and little bit on my forehead. By doing this, it keeps my skin from having a matte finish and still look natural.
  4. To warm up my face, I used Rimmel Natural Bronzer and gently slid it on the side of my cheeks, around my forehead, sides of my nose, and around my jaw area.
  5. To start highlighting, I sprayed my brush with this product and used Hard Candy Bake Bronzer as my highlighter for my upper cheeks, bridge of my nose, center of my forehead and my upper lip. Make sure to blend it well.
  6. To make my skin look summer-ready, I love to use a golden bronzer. Using a big round brush, I slid it off to the sides of my forehead and sides of my cheeks.



before_after_em_smith_summer_bronze_natural_makeup_look_tan_skin before_after_em_smith_summer_dewy_bronzed_natural_makeup_look_tan_skin_foundation_tutorial_6 before_after_em_smith_summer_dewy_bronzed_natural_makeup_look_tan_skin_foundation_tutorial_7

I’m wearing this beautiful necklace from Rebecca Lankford Designs

before_after_em_smith_summer_dewy_bronzed_natural_makeup_look_tan_skin_foundation_tutorial_9 before_after_em_smith_summer_dewy_bronzed_natural_makeup_look_tan_skin_foundation_tutorial_10


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Have a wonderful first day of summer!
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Father’s Day Gift Idea: DIY Taped Crayon Art



Father’s Day is coming up! Here’s one idea, perfect to do with your kids for surprising your husband with. Cavan and I (with Kieran there for moral support) actually made this crayon artwork for Brent’s birthday a few months ago. Since Father’s Day is coming, I wanted to share this idea and how we made it.


Choose the paper you want and start to draw a message. The shorter the message, the better. It keeps it readable and easier to make, which is important right. Start covering up the art and create a border, using tape. With the artwork we made, I used regular scotch tape. Make sure to lessen the stickiness of the tape before applying it to the paper. This will make it easier to peel off later. I did this by applying the tape on my son’s shirt so that some of the lint would stick on it. I’ve actually used this method since I was in college, but of course, you can also use easy-to-peel off tape like blue painter’s tape.


I used box cutter knife to start gently tracing and removing the excess tape.


Have your kids use different kinds and colors of crayons! Tell them to go crazy! 😉 Of course, you may help them to fill up the image more. DIY_do_it_yourself_fathers_day_gift_idea_made_by_love_kids_activity_crayons_abstract_we_love_dada_5

Once you think the paper’s filled with enough crayon and colors, you may begin peeling off the tape


It’s fun and easy! Happy Father’s Day! :) fathers_day

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