Simple Romantic Look

Monday, February 1, 2016


I was trying to put out some of my maternity clothes last week and I saw this old rose dress which I wore in a wedding when I had my baby bump around 13 weeks. I can’t believe that within 2 years we are surrounded by 2 handsome little boys that makes me and my husband’s lives crazy yet beautiful and exciting! As a stay-home-mom with my 2 little ones is like a rollercoaster ride, sometimes you are in high peak of different emotions and sometimes everything is just slow and cool. But as my husband always reminds me, babies will not be forever; they will grow up and go to school and Brent and I will have more time together. I think God uses my children to teach us to be more patient and be thankful of life that He offers to us. 



Here are the products that I used and easy steps on how I created this Simple Romantic look for Valentine’s day. I thought to create a simple romantic look for Valentine’s day using some of the new products I got on December. Since it’s winter, I skip bright pink (I save that for Spring and summer) and opt to natural pinkish look. I also only used a sheer foundation so my skin will glow. Less is more :)


  1. Moisturize your face except the eyelids. Apply your favorite foundation, I used this sheer liquid foundation from Pacifica Beauty.
  2. Apply the concealer only on dark areas of your under eyes, around the nose to cover up some redness if there’s any and a little bit on the eyelids as the base of the eyeshadow.
  3. Gently pat down some pressed powder using big round brush all over your face.
  4. Using these eyeshadow colors, I used the deep brown color to fill up my eyebrows using small angle brush and used the light shimmer over the brow bone. Apply the lighter brown matte eyeshadow using blending brush over the crease back and forth. Go back and use the deep brown matte eyeshadow to pat down all over the eyelid using flat brush and some over the lower lash line. For the upper lash line, line with a gel black eyeliner using small pointed brush. Follow your natural eye shape.
  5. To finish the eye makeup look, use a white shimmer on the tear duct to open up your eyes and to add a romantic look. If you prefer, use false lashes for this look but of course, mascara is fine as well.
  6. Apply your favorite natural pinkish lipstick, I used Clinique in Matte Beauty all over my lips. I applied it in 2 coats.
  7. Apply your prefered blush, I used MAC blush powder in Peachykeen and used the same big round brush to apply it over the apple of the cheeks.
  8. To finish this look, I used this sheer highlighter from Pacifica Beauty, I used the lighter one over my nose bridge, upper lips, upper cheeks and on my chin.

For contouring (which is optional), check my step-by-step tutorial here


I am loving this foundation that I received from Pacifica Beauty a couple of months ago. This is my on-the-go foundation for a busy mama like me. It has very sheer finish and I love to use my fingers and apply it on my face. It is a liquid foundation and lightweight. Did I mention that their products are Vegan and cruelty-free?


I got this from my mother-in-law, it comes with other makeup and beauty stuff from Clinique. As you know, I am a fan of matte lip finish and this is perfect for me! The name of the lipstick is perfect too “Matte Beauty”. The texture is so comfortable to my lips and it doesn’t make my lips dry even it’s matte. This is perfect color for those who want to wear something pink yet natural for Valentine’s day.

valentines_day_look_pretty_pink_natural_makeup_clinique_pacificabeauty_tutorial_beauty-7 valentines_day_look_pretty_pink_natural_makeup_clinique_pacificabeauty_tutorial_beauty-1



2 weeks to go before Valentine’s day! What look are you planning? Check out my other makeup tutorials here and here to help you and might give you some ideas. Or feel free to comment if you need an advice! :)

“But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day” 2 Peter 3:8


Featured Blogger: Lauren Morgan

Thursday, January 28, 2016

LaurenMorgan(1of1)-48 LaurenMorgan(1of1)-55 LaurenMorgan(1of1)-4 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style14 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style13 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style12 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style11 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style10 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style9 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style8 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style7 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style6 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style5 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style3 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style2 em_smith_lauren_morgan_bloom_makeup_fashion_blogger_dallas_texas_winter_spring_outfit_style1


This beauty blogs about food, travel and style! She is also a psychology nerd! Visit her blog at

Photography by Lauren Bloom

Hairstyling by Macey 

Makeup by Em Smith (me)


Tutorial: Contour & Highlight

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


As a makeup artist, contouring and highlighting are my favorite techniques to use for my clients to enhance their best features and for them to look amazing in pictures and real life!

There are different kinds of contouring and highlighting techniques since we do have different face shape, and different bone structures like nose shape, cheeks and chin. For daily look, I prefer to use a natural and soft contour finish. I like to focus on my “little” nose and side of my cheeks. I also consider the color of the powder, skip the ones that has orangey colored powder that will just make your skin unrealistic and dirty looking. Matte finish is also the best for contouring since light won’t bounce to it.

 I posted few weeks ago on my Instagram @emsmithartist about this Lorac Pro Palette. This Lorac Pro Contour palette has six powders – five of them are matte and one is a frosty highlighter. It comes with a sleek packaging and very handy. For $45, it is a great deal because it comes with high quality contour brush! As a makeup artist, this contour palette is great for my kit because most of the shades can be use for different skin tones. The texture is so buttery, soft and easy to apply. It is a long-wearing contour and highlighting powder as well! It doesn’t leave your skin cakey or patchy. Make sure you start from light shade to dark for contouring so it will be easy to correct. I also suggest to tap off excess powder from the brush before applying it on your skin to avoid harsh powder. This product might be difficult for beginners since it takes a lot of blending techniques which is why I’m showing you a step-by-step procedure to make you into like a PRO!


  1. Highlight Under Eyes

I used the beige highlight to highlight my concealer by patting motion. If you want to correct your under eyes, I would recommend to use the yellow highlight first and blend with the beige highlight.


2) Proportion is the key

Again, we all have different face shapes. To help you know where to put the contour powder you can measure using your makeup brush from ear and stop to the center of your eye or outer corner. After this, blend upwards and brush downwards up to your ear to avoid harsh lines.


3). Forehead Sculpt

I used the medium contour around my forehead and temple.


4) Add depth to the cheeks

Using medium contour powder, I started brushing off again from the edge of the cheekbones near the ear and apply short strokes downward.


5) Define Jawline

I started to apply the light contour powder under my chin and along to my jawline. Make sure you blend very well so it won’t leave harsh line.


6) Nose Contour

Start from your brow area to the side of your nose and brush downward to make it look natural.


Then pat down a little bit of darker tone near the brow area up to the tip of your nose, don’t add anything between the brows and tip of the nose to avoid looking unrealistic. contouring_highlighting_stepbystep_tutorial_masterlikea_PRO_Lorac_Palette_Powder_emsmith_noseline_7

8) Shady Lip

I like to create a little bit of shadow under my lower lips. I used the edge of the brush and I apply medium contour powder.


9) Add some highlight

I used the highlighter over my nose, upper cheeks, above my lips and chin. Again, take time to blend to make sure that your make-up will look more natural.






Photo taken without flash


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I am a fan of this technique, even though I don’t use this for my daily routine, but I’m sure I’ll use this for special occasions. Just remember, don’t over use it so you won’t look like someone else :-)

Do you know what face shape are you? What areas do you want to enhance?


Featured Blogger: A Dash of Koko

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Kailee(1of1)-43 Kailee(1of1)-28 kailee(1of1)-19 Kailee(1of1)-35 Kailee(1of1)-30 Kailee(1of1)-27 Kailee of A Dash of Koko is a fashion and lifestyle blogger here in Dallas, Texas. I love her style because it’s simple yet classic! Shop this style and few of the makeup that I used for her at  

Beautiful images by Lauren Bloom Photography

Makeup by Em Smith (me)





Liquid Lipstick (Drugstore Brand)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Girls, are you ready for Valentine’s day? I AM!!! I always feel excited to celebrate Valentine’s day with my husband because I never experienced this when I was younger (I know, no one asked me! Lol!) My husband, Brent, is not a fan of it (he thinks that it is only made up by a card company so people will buy Valentine’s card), but since he knows that I always look forward to a romantic date on Valentine’s day, he gives time for me. Looking back, I only imagine how it feels like to have a date, although I waited for a long time, it was worth it. God’s time is always perfect! Before, I often talk to God and beg Him that I want a guy who is “Tall, Dark & Handsome”. But instead of giving me of these physical attributes, God gave me a greater package which is more important –  a loving, forgiving, hardworking and Christian man.  And yes, tall and handsome too, he can just go for self-tanning to be dark.

One thing I like to consider for my Valentine’s day look is to have a lip product that has high definition color and will stay all night. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve a pretty lip color, so here are 4 of the liquid lipsticks that I grabbed from a drugstore to try and review about it.



liquid_lipstick_maybelline_cosmetics_super_stay_24_color_lip_cream_emsmith_3 liquid_lipstick_maybelline_cosmetics_super_stay_24_color_lip_cream_emsmith_4

Maybelline Superstay 24 Color in Reliable Raspberry $9.99

It is a 2-step lip color in one pack. When I apply the lip color to my lips, it has a sticky finish but that’s why it came with an ultra-conditioning balm to seal the lip color and make it soft and not sticky. You just need to wait the liquid lip color to dry about 2 minutes before sealing it. Try to apply mascara while waiting. I like the packaging and the idea. It truly lasts all day when I tried it. It’s hard to remove (that’s the purpose of long-wearing lip product) but I used cotton balls and baby oil to wash it off. This product has 30-35 different shades for this lip product! I’m pretty sure you will find your perfect shade.

liquid_lipstick_revlon_NYX_loreal_maybelline_lip_cream_valentines_look_spring_2016_emsmith_long_lasting_2 liquid_lipstick_NYX_cosmetics_soft_matte_lip_cream_stockholm_emsmith__product

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm $6

This is my first liquid lipstick I purchased and I am really amazed! Aside from it’s cheaper compared to other brands, I like how it is comfortable, creamy, lightweight and not sticky. It is matte finish but I don’t feel that my lips gets dry which matte lip products mostly do. The longevity is good too but it will be more long-lasting if you apply a lip liner to your entire lips as a base before applying this product. Speaking of lip liners, if you use pink or other lip liner shades, it will change the color of this lip cream in Stockholm. No wonder why it is a NYX fan favorite! Overall I love this product so much! This lip cream is available in 10 shades.

liquid_lipstick_NYX_cosmetics_soft_matte_lip_cream_stockholm_emsmith liquid_lipstick_NYX_cosmetics_soft_matte_lip_cream_stockholm_emsmith_2

liquid_lipstick_revlon_uktra_hd_matte_lipcolor_emsmith_3 liquid_lipstick_revlon_uktra_hd_matte_lipcolor_emsmith

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Flirtation $9.99 

I fell in love with this shade, it reminds me of MAC lipstick in Ravishing. One thing that caught my attention is that, it is not matte finish as what it says on the packaging. But it is not glossy either, just semi-matte. Anyway, I love the packaging design and the creamy texture of it to my lips. Although I need to re-apply this product throughout the day, this is something I would love to grab if I am in a hurry and don’t have time to put make-up. It has 8 different shades. It is not a lot but they offer a great selection for the colors, so you better check it out! P.S I love the smell of this product!

liquid_lipstick_revlon_uktra_hd_matte_lipcolor_emsmith_2 liquid_lipstick_revlon_ultra_hd_matte_lipcolor_emsmith

liquid_lipstick_loreal_lip_cream_emsmith2 liquid_lipstick_loreal_lip_cream_emsmith L’oreal Infallible Pro-Last Lipcolor in Captivated by Cerise $12.99

L’oreal claims that this is a transfer-resistant lip color. Yes, that’s true! I tried to kiss my kids (which I always do) and it didn’t leave a mark on their cheeks! Again, the lip color is sticky on the lips but there is a seal balm to smooth out your lips. It has 24 different shades that will excite you! I find the packaging easy to use and it looks elegant too! Like Maybelline, you need to wait for about 2 minutes before you apply the seal balm over the the lip color. A minute or two doesn’t hurt right?

liquid_lipstick_loreal_lip_cream_emsmith4 liquid_lipstick_loreal_lip_cream_emsmith3


Makeup tips: If you are planning to apply matte finish lip product, make sure you exfoliate your lips first. Try to exfoliate with brown sugar & oil. Another option is to gently rub it with wet, soft towel, or you can use your toothbrush – whatever works for  you…


 Which of these 4 liquid lipsticks would you try? Will you recommend it to your friends?

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6


Natural Weekend

Thursday, January 14, 2016

natural_makeup_look_product_details_mac_NYC_NYX_face_eyes_lips_beauty_blogger_emsmith natural_makeup_look_product_details_mac_NYC_NYX_face_eyes_lips_beauty_blogger_emsmith_3

Weekend is a relaxing time of the week for me because it’s when my husband is at home and can watch the kids (Yipee!). Aside from catching up some sleep, I often love to have “me time” in thrift stores. Have you guys been to one? I love to go that’s called Family Thrift Store. You may also check Salvation Army and Goodwill. Digging up for clothes and other stuff is one of my favorite things to do since I was in college. I remember one time, I found this nice Talbot bag which costs less than $2!! What I like about going to thrift stores is that it challenges me to find good brands and great quality in very cheap prices, because I’d rather spend what I saved in food (and of course, good quality makeup!).


So every time I go to a thrift store, I wear a “no makeup” makeup look. Matte finish has been my favorite not only for the eyeshadows but for the lips. I’ve been changing different natural makeup routine since it’s winter and I currently love using liquid lipstick and do soft contouring application for my everyday look.


Here are the products that I wore:


MAC Face and Body Foundation

MAC Studio Fix Powder

MAC Prep and Prime Highlighter

MAC Eyeshadow in Brown Script

NYC Eyeliner Pencil

NYX Liquid Lip Cream in Stockholm

MAC Blush Powder in Peachykeen

MAC Blush Powder in Blunt (as contour powder)

natural_makeup_look_product_details_mac_NYC_NYX_face_eyes_lips natural_makeup_look_product_details_mac_NYC_NYX_face_eyes_lips_beauty_blogger_emsmith_2 natural_makeup_look_product_details_mac_NYC_NYX_face_eyes_lips_beauty_blogger_emsmith_4

What’s your natural makeup routine? I hope you all had a great weekend! :-)

“A joyful heart makes a cheerful face, But when the heart is sad, the spirit is broken.” Proverbs 15:13


DIY: Marble Makeup Brush Holder

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Marble design has been a trend and popularly used for photography background for product shots in Instagram for bloggers. And now, a lot of people are using these to redesign some stuff like desks, boxes, coasters, trays and even phones and laptops! Today, I will teach you how to redesign an old watch box with a Marble designed contact paper. This box was about to be thrown by my sister-in law and I stopped her. I’m a type of person who always thinks of reusing things that are usually trash for others (Am I a hoarder? By using a marble self adhesive contact paper that I bought from Amazon, it makes your old stuff look elegant and beautiful – just like the photo above. So here’s an easy tutorial to create your own marble makeup brush holder! Enjoy!


What you need:

Marble Self Adhesive Contact Paper

Watch Box or any type of box that you can use to place your brushes


Marker Pen


1) Find the right size to cover the box and start to cut (Most of contact papers have grid lines that make it easier to cut straight)  


2) Cut, peel it off and start to cover the entire box. Use your finger to slowly slide the marble contact paper and make sure that there will be no bubbles and creases. DIY_marble_makeup_brush_holder_tutorial_howto_emsmith_5

3) Cut the excess paper if there are any. DIY_marble_makeup_brush_holder_tutorial_howto_emsmith_6

And it’s DONE!

DIY_marble_makeup_brush_holder_tutorial_howto_emsmith_1aa DIY_marble_makeup_brush_holder_tutorial_howto_emsmith_before_and_after

What stuff and creative ideas do you want to marbling? I would love know! Hit the comment below :-)

P.S My brushes need a bath! I know!


Eye Makeup Tutorial: Pop Of Color

Monday, January 4, 2016

eye_makeup_tutorial_pop_of_color_blue_brown_eyes_new_years_look_2016_emsmith_8_a eye_makeup_tutorial_pop_of_color_blue_brown_eyes_new_years_look_2016_emsmith_7_lipstick

Hello 2016! I’m starting the new year with this pop of color eye makeup tutorial! It’s getting colder here in Dallas and most of the times, the sun is out. This simple and soft pop of color of bluish purple is perfect for a dull winter weather and for those who has dark colored eyes like me. I paired it with a matte lipstick to contrast the eye makeup. And if you are starting to look for makeup look idea for Valentine’s day, this is great color inspiration too. Scroll down for step-by-step tutorial to get this eye makeup look!


1. Apply primer, I use and blend a soft matte rosy brown eyeshadow on the upper crease using an oval shape brush.

2. I gently pat down a matte midnight blue eyeshadow all over my eyelid using flat brush.


3. Using a MAC pigment in corn flower, I carefully apply the eyeshadow on the center of my eyelid.

4. I use a matte black eyeshadow for the outer corner and blend it to create a dimension.


5. Next, I start to fill up my waterline using a blue eye pencil.

6. I went back to the same pigment eyeshadow and blend it on the lower lash line.


7.   In applying liquid eyeliner, look down and apply it on the upper lash line. Apply thinner line from your tear-duct and go thicker as you go outward.

8. I add more color on the outer corner and blend back and forth up to the upper middle crease.


9. Curl your lashes and put your favorite mascara. I also apply a light shimmer eyeshadow on my tear duct and use false lashes, but it is optional.

eye_makeup_tutorial_pop_of_color_blue_brown_eyes_new_years_look_2016_emsmith_8_insta before_after_makeup_look_new_year_2016_purple_eye_makeup_emsmith_1

Stay warm my friends! :-)


A makeup artist based in Dallas, Texas. With the skills of an artist and a photographer, I can make beautiful, memorable looks for events, weddings, and photoshoots. I am a mother of two little boys and married for a wonderful man! I'm originally from the Philippines! I love DIY, food, thrift store and cats/dogs!

"I can do all things through him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

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