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My eldest, Cavan, started to love playing cook when he saw his cousin’s play kitchen. It all started whenever we would visit her. So that he could have his own, I tried to look for a second hand play kitchen online, but I didn’t see any designs or prices that I liked. A fellow mother that I follow on Instagram (See her IG), posted her DIY play kitchen for her son. This inspired me to create my own version for my kids. Before I started to create this, I did some research on Pinterest to get more details and ideas on how to create one. Unfortunately, I do not have a step-by-step tutorial to create this, but here are some tips I’d like to share for creating your own play kitchen.  It took me 2 weeks on and off, since I had the kids around. I mostly used diaper boxes, with the oven being made out of a box I got from Walmart. I used construction paper to cover-up all the boxes entirely. To seal the edges, I used blue-colored duct tape from Hobby Lobby. In my opinion, this is very important to protect the paper from tearing, especially from those little hands.

Here’s the oven, stove and microwave:


I used an old thick insulation foam board as the wall for the microwave and oven. I made holes in the foam board and the microwave and oven boxes. Through those holes, I used a strong, tight rope to tie them all together.


For the right side of the “oven” I used the Philippine flag as the design. I was born and raised in the Philippines and my kids have Filipino blood too, so I wanted to pay tribute to my homeland. Am I proud of my country? Oo naman! Syempre! (Of course!)  :-)


And of course, I am also proud to live in Texas! So on the left side of the “oven,” I used the Texas flag as the design. “Howdy, y’all!” Nope, I don’t really talk like that. (Not yet…)

DIY_do_it_yourself_play_kitchen_philippines_texas_flag_pinterest_inspired_colorful_toddler_activity_14 DIY_do_it_yourself_play_kitchen_philippines_texas_flag_pinterest_inspired_colorful_toddler_activity_11

I used boxes again to cut out the stove top ranges. Underneath each range, I laid down orange construction paper as a base to add some pop and color. This was inspired by Pinterest. Using a glue gun, I made sure it was totally secured so that the kids wouldn’t be able to remove or peel it off easily.


I wish I could have made twistable stove knobs, but I didn’t have any ideas on how to create them, so I created non-movable ones. Haha. Well, at least there are knobs. For the oven, I created a magnetic closure so that the oven door could easily open and close. I made sure the magnet was embossed inside the box and really secured with the glue gun. Again, this is important so that it will be safe for the kids.


Here’s my son, ready to eat some sweets.


This is the microwave. Cavan loves this! It has also a magnetic closure, so it allows easy opening and closing as well.

DIY_do_it_yourself_play_kitchen_philippines_texas_flag_pinterest_inspired_colorful_toddler_activity_8 DIY_do_it_yourself_play_kitchen_philippines_texas_flag_pinterest_inspired_colorful_toddler_activity_12

I experimented with the microwave top design by using duct tape, for a more interesting and fun look.


This is one of the good things about this part of the play kitchen; the numbers. I can teach Cavan about numbers in either English or Tagalog. If I say, “Okay, Cavan. Pindutin mo na yong ‘Lima.’” (Translation: Okay, Cavan. Press the 5 now.”) He’ll look for the number and press it!


Here’s the other part of the play kitchen. It is a counter top and a sink. It is also made from diaper boxes. I found a cheap steel bowl from a thrift store and used it for the sink basin. I went to Hobby Lobby to grab this fabric, as a cover for the sink bottom. This cover was inspired by my grandmother’s Philippine kitchen. When my grandmother used to live in a nipa (palm) hut she had fabric to cover the bottom of the sink.

For the faucet, I used paper towel roll tubes covered with duct tape. It wasn’t that smoothly done, but I like how simple and colorful it is.

DIY_do_it_yourself_play_kitchen_philippines_texas_flag_pinterest_inspired_colorful_toddler_activity_15 DIY_do_it_yourself_play_kitchen_philippines_texas_flag_pinterest_inspired_colorful_toddler_activity_1

Cavan making coffee for his Dada.

Before and After DIY_do_it_yourself_play_kitchen_philippines_texas_flag_pinterest_inspired_colorful_toddler_activity_18

Well, I guess this is good way to expose my kids to cooking, so that someday they will be the ones to cook and prepare their own meals. 😉

I hope you all find some inspiration from this post! :)

Have a great week!




Fresh Face and Glow! (+ SUMMER GIVEAWAY)


em_smith_highlighting_tips_tutorial_evian_review_0 em_smith_highlighting_tips_tutorial_evian_review

When I started to do makeup in the Philippines way back 2009, I was introduced to Evian Facial Spray by my fellow makeup artists. They recommended it for my clients, especially for brides. It is well known for making your skin feel fresh, hydrated, and clean before applying makeup. When you’ve finished putting on makeup, you can also spray this on top of your entire face. This will help the makeup stay on longer throughout the day. If you feel your makeup is too powdery or cakey, you can grab your blender sponge and spray the Evian Facial Spray onto it. Then, gently pat down the areas on your face that you feel are powdery or heavy. Not only did I love to use this with my clients, but I loved bringing this with me to the beach, when I was still living in the Philippines. I would use it to help cool down my face under the heat of the sun.

Now that summer is coming, I’m excited to use my 1.7 fl oz travel-sized *Evian Facial Spray in. It is great for traveling since the packaging is leak-proof and TSA-friendly. The size is handy and perfect for my purse too. It also comes in other sizes, 5 oz and 10 oz. If you get the larger sized Evian Facial Spray, it is way cheaper and you can get more product for the price, compared to MAC’s Setting Spray. Evian comes in a canister and creates some fine micro mists when sprayed. This makes it more relaxing for your face when you spray it on. I’m also surprised that the Evian Facial Spray is a great, handy product for a mother like me. With a baby and toddler, I’m glad that it is safe to use for them too. Living in Texas weather, this is great and handy for freshening up my kids’ faces while walking outside and going to the park.

I would especially recommend that you bring this with you in hot weather, like during the summer season. Again, it is so easy to grab and spray on your face to freshen up and keep your face moisturized. With this spray, I can also create a natural highlighting effect for my face and shoulders, without it looking powdery.


Try to spray the Evian for 2-3 seconds onto your brush, and swipe it off onto your highlighter powder. This technique will help your highlighter stand out even more and make your makeup stay on your skin longer.

I love to apply highlighter on my upper cheeks, bridge of my nose, and upper lip.

You can also try to apply it on your collarbone and shoulder so when the light bounces off your skin, it gives you a natural looking glow.


For you to experience the benefits of this product for yourself, Evian is offering a giveaway to all my readers. 5 lucky winners will receive a summer prize package which includes:

  • A $25 Sephora Gift Card
  • 10 oz evian® Facial Spray
  • Three 1.7 oz. travel size evian® Facial Sprays

(Total package valued at over $75)

Contest ends on May 31, 2016. Enter HERE 

Good luck. :-)

*This product was sent to me by Brandbacker to review. All opinions are honest, true, and my own. Thanks for supporting my blog!:)


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